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Club Air and Our House Museum asked me to make an artwork at the entrance to the museum and the nightclub. Knowing the historical importance of Club Air and House Music, led me to the idea of creating an altar of celebration. I chose to execute the work in acrylic combined with led lights. “The one thing that unites us, heals us and takes us to the highest highs, is music. This sacred altar symbolizes the devotion we humans feel for harmonic sounds. It is an ode to music. The colored layers in the artwork are a metaphor for the layers on which music is built. It is a token of gratitude for the love and togetherness that music offers us. Amen.”

“Our House is the world’s first museum dedicated to the electronic music culture. It opened its door in Amsterdam’s Club Air. The museum is a place for visitors to experience a multisensory tour through the evolution of electronic dance music, from Detroit to Amsterdam and London to Berlin."

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